The Ogilvy Healthworld Award for Excellence in Corporate Communications

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The Infant & Toddler Forum Programme

by Say Communications for Danone Baby Nutrition

Summary of work

The Infant & Toddler Forum (ITF) is a community social responsibility programme supported by an educational grant from Danone Baby Nutrition (DBN). DBN's long-term nutrition philosophy is reflected in its global mission: ‘To stand by mums to nurture new life’. The ITF is one of the pillars of DBN’s programme to support this mission. The core purpose of DBN's UK business is to inspire healthier food choices and to support parents and healthcare professionals (HCPs) in all aspects of infant and toddler feeding and nutrition. Grounded in the company’s values is a belief that good nutrition in the early years is key to long-term health and only by putting local communities first can improved health be achieved. DBN supports the ITF, an independent expert group to help address the lack of consistent guidance and practical support for both the wide range of professionals involved in the early years and families at this critical stage in children’s lives.

Judges’ comments

This web project had excellent objectives, strategy and results testing. A strong contender, we were impressed by its excellent outcomes and really strong external comments. Such impressive stakeholder endorsement makes this feel very much like a best practice campaign.