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Team Give Blood

by The Red Consultancy for NHS Blood and Transplant

Summary of work

The summer of 2012 posed a huge challenge for NHS Blood and Transplant with major events threatening to impact the usually predictable life-saving supply of blood donations as the nation’s routines were severely disrupted. We turned this worrying situation into a positive rallying cry for donors to come forward by tapping into the building national fervour and team spirit.

Our message was clear: join ’Team Give Blood’ to help save and improve lives while the country celebrates a truly monumental year.

As well as widespread awareness through almost 1,000 pieces of coverage and over 6 hours of broadcast, our campaign genuinely activated donors to participate, helping build national blood stock levels by almost a third to accommodate the predicted disruption.

“This Olympic campaign captured the mood of a nation and delivered on target to tight deadlines ensuring that patients and hospitals could enjoy the Games safe in the knowledge that the national blood banks would cater for any unusual demand requirements.“
Jonathan Latham, Assistant Director, NHSBT

Judges’ comments

Here we saw the achievement of a real outcome target, based on a clearly identified public health benefit. We loved the creative approach they adopted to incorporate some topical elements and also the fact that momentum was maintained to ensure that a consistent message was delivered throughout the life of the campaign.