Communiqué Small Consultancy or Health Team of the Year

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Paradigm Communications

Summary of work

In 2014 Paradigm entered Communiqué. Judges’ feedback highlighted the limited evidence demonstrating the outcomes of Paradigm’s “interesting” and “unproven” proposition. We listened, we learnt. Through a relentless focus on our values and unique service proposition (USP), Paradigm has transformed from “interesting” and “unproven” to “winning” and “outcomes driven”.

Paradigm specialises in delivering real-world, patient-centric solutions in diseases that are often associated with health inequalities. We achieve this by aligning advocates behind the ‘patient access to services and medicines’ challenge. This is our USP. 2014 programme outcomes, stakeholder evaluation and £1,000,000+ revenue is proof that while not yet two years old, Paradigm’s first-in-class business strategy and real-world solutions delivered.

However, our true value is the diverse expertise and life-experience of our eight staff and the skills, empathy and authenticity that derive from these. Whether a public health specialist raised on a Belfast council estate, a communication professional living with HIV for 28 years, or a scientist who is a practicing Hindu, Paradigm’s culture embraces diversity and ensures that everyone’s voice is heard. The results speak volumes – real-world programmes, built on real-world experience and executed to deliver positive change in the real world. 

Judges’ comments

Paradigm presented a really strongly delivered entry with a very clear focus. They have a brilliant proposition of building an agency that reflects the demographic that they are serving and lots of passion for it. It all felt very genuine and their potential is abundantly clear.


90TEN Healthcare


GCI Health

Highly commended

Incisive Health