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MS: No Filter

by Creation for Novartis Pharma AG

Summary of work

Two years ago we set out on a mission. We wanted people around the globe to have access to real, authentic and relatable information about what it's like to actually live with MS. We wanted to be an alternative to the scary, static and unhopeful MS information that fills page after page, site after site online. As a result ‘Living Like You’ was born, a first-of-its kind portal created with the MS community to curate real stories about life with MS.

But inevitably, people use other resources online to go deeper on MS. So we decided to help the MS community take Living Like You with them when they go - and get the same real-talk, down-to-earth approach that they’ve grown to expect, regardless of the pages and sites they visit. In September 2016, we launched MS: No Filter, an online MS dictionary and Google Chrome Extension, which enables every website to be as honest, human and real as Living Like You.

We partnered with our LLY blogger network to create 100+ original definitions of the most commonly-searched MS terms, and changed the online MS experience.

Judges’ comments

MS: No Filter took an original concept and gave it an impressive execution. It was written with verve and passion and we’d like to see more use made of its ‘patients talking to patients’ style – indeed, it’s work that could have a broader application than just multiple sclerosis. The team are to be commended for their creativity (as well as getting the necessary buy-in from their medical, legal and regulator colleagues).