The Lucid Group Award for Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility

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by EFPIA – European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations

Summary of work

In 2016, the pharmaceutical industry was facing a significant challenge. An increasingly negative narrative had taken hold. Increasing activism from NGOs, clinician groups and patient organisations meant staying silent was no longer an option. The industry needed to rebuild trust and change the discourse from the cost of medicine to the value of medicine for society. We needed to create a campaign that enabled people at all levels of the industry, from CEO to caretaker, to reinstall a degree of pride in the industry, which was no mean feat. This needed to be done in a way that not only engendered pride, but also a huge sense of collective responsibility, to challenge and change perceptions of a much-maligned industry. Using the creative #WeWontRest until we’ve helped make the world a healthier place for everyone, a public-facing campaign was delivered across digital and social channels. #WeWontRest ran across 23 countries, was translated into over 20 languages and supported by 31 multi-national companies. It achieved 19.3 million organic impressions from English and translated hashtags, and 11.3 million paid impressions from EFPIA’s sponsored social activity. It united competing forces and asserted our commitment to putting patients at the heart of everything we do.

Judges’ comments

This campaign from EFPIA was excellently executed and the judges praised the use of digital. They said that it improves reputation in the industry, shows the leaders that are challenged on their behaviour how to be shown as responsible and ethical, and provides a consistent narrative that everyone has signed up to.