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LADbible Campaign

by Hanover Communications for Roche Chugai

Summary of work

A key objective for Roche/Chugai’s public affairs activity in 2018 was to support shaping the haemophilia landscape, as well as to position itself as a committed, long-term partner for the community.

When looking to reach this objective, we realised the wider landscape was dominated by debate around the Contaminated Blood Inquiry, a scandal that the younger generation wasn’t directly affected by. We recognised that there was a gap in the conversation, and wanted to use this opportunity to create a positive narrative and empower patients to start talking about their condition.

We initiated a digital-first campaign with LADbible (the biggest social video publisher in the world) and patient advocacy groups, The Haemophilia Society and Little Bleeders, developing two Instagram Stories that aimed to battle the misconceptions of haemophilia and challenge the idea of ’can’t’ by using inspiring stories of patients with the condition. The campaign garnered a total of 6.7 million impressions across two 24-hour periods.

Using Instagram and collaborating with LADbible opened a new communications channel for Roche/Chugai and optimised its éreach to a new audience. It challenged previous, more conventional approaches and ultimately set a new bar within the company and propelled pharmaceutical communications to new limits.

Judges’ comments

The LadBible campaign is a strong project, with a bold choice of partner to reach the target audience. It also provided robust metrics, with great content and messaging.