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Magic Numbers Pilot

by WE Communications for Amgen UK

Summary of work

Almost one in five people who have had a heart attack will go on to have another in the same year. Research undertaken by Amgen amongst people who had experienced a heart attack and had raised cholesterol, demonstrated that 82% were highly concerned about having another heart attack, 46% didn’t know their cholesterol levels and that there was confusion about ‘good’ and ‘bad’ cholesterol.

In collaboration with HEART UK, Amgen decided to implement a patient activation programme to address this issue. Amgen and WE designed a pilot to test whether audience segmentation and engagement via digital channels would activate patients to ask their HCP for a cholesterol test – the defined conversion outcome.

The Patient Activation Measure and COM-B behaviour change model were used to segment patients and inform the messaging and campaign content. The focus was on targeting patients most likely to take action as a result of seeing content.

With nearly 3,000 conversions of high-risk patients, the work drove positive outcomes, moving beyond the less measurable media-focused tactics that have traditionally been used. A ‘test and learn’ approach provided data to inform future implementation in a way that allows for specificity in targeting, both geographically and across patient audiences.

Judges’ comments

The Magic Number Pilot campaign was rooted in a great methodology and audience segmentation, which showed real drive to be data driven, despite the lack of a benchmark for future campaigns. The data gathered and the results delivered will be benchmark for future campaign. The partnership strengthened the impact and implementation.