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Retinal Pioneers Summit 2019

by Porterhouse Medical Group for Bayer UK

Summary of work

Market analysis identified the need for an innovative, annual scientific meeting to bring the expertise and experience from international conferences to the UK. The aim was to facilitate the exchange of best practice among consultant ophthalmologists without the need for them to travel to multiple meetings outside the UK, whilst cementing Bayer’s position as a scientific leader in ophthalmology. The Retinal Pioneers Summit 2019 programme reflected the practical needs of ophthalmologists and provided an opportunity for clinicians to gain insight from KOLs on the practicalities of implementing treatment regimens in their own clinics, in order to improve service delivery and patient care. There was a strong focus on treat-and-extend (T&E) and the practicalities of amending patient care pathways; this was positively received with 90% of delegates suggesting that they would implement the T&E learnings in their own clinical practice. Results from the Porterhouse BPS metrics tool, a measure of teaching effectiveness, provided very positive feedback, with 100% of delegates indicating they would recommend the meeting to colleagues. The feedback highlighted that Bayer had delivered a valuable scientific event that recognised the expertise and needs of consultant ophthalmologists across the UK and helped facilitate the implementation of novel treatment regimens.

Judges’ comments

The judges liked this submission – it was a robust programme, enhancing both the relationships and reputation of Bayer within the field of ophthalmology.   The event was clearly successful and enjoyed by delegates with excellent feedback.