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Asthma Revolution - An Innovative Global to Local Movement to Make Change Happen

by CMC Connect part of McCann Health Medical Communications, an IPG Health Company for AstraZeneca

Summary of work

Every day, people with mild to moderate asthma are dying because their asthma is uncontrolled. Due to limited application of the GINA treatment guidelines, many people are overusing reliever medication (SABA), masking their poorly controlled asthma and putting themselves at risk. Change is needed. Asthma Revolution is an innovative programme to educate primary care physicians (PCPs) on the urgency to implement the GINA guidelines for the treatment of mild to moderate asthma. The branding and channel for the programme are innovative for this sector. The branding is bold, edgy and revolutionary – it is demanding the start of a movement for change.

The channel choice is also innovative. Facebook is our primary platform. To the best of our knowledge, this was the first pharma-owned global-to-local social media movement for PCPs using Facebook. It is extremely cost-effective and flexible as the platform is free and has super functionality with analytics built in. The programme has since been extended to include LinkedIn, Twitter and other third-party platforms, and has been implemented in five countries to date.

Judges’ comments

This was a well crafted entry and a great example of multi-channel communication, identifying a need for innovation in adult learning theory. It was clear that the model the team came up with is flexible and has the potential to be tailored. An interesting piece of work.