The LionsDen Award for Writing Excellence - Healthcare Professionals

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A Practical Guide to using Mepact

by Liberation Communications for Takeda UK

Summary of work

Takeda UK often received requests from healthcare professionals (HCPs) for guidance and support on the practicalities of using Mepact for the treatment of osteosarcoma. This was due to the fact that the administration of Mepact requires careful planning and patients require monitoring during and for a short while after their infusion. In addition, because the disease is rare, HCPs involved in the treatment of osteosarcoma rarely see patients suitable for treatment with Mepact, meaning the details of the process involved are not always easily recalled. 

Takeda UK wanted to support all HCPs involved in the treatment pathway - doctors, nurses and pharmacists - by providing them with a simple Practical Guide that enabled them to administer Mepact confidently and effectively. Since the introduction of the Practical Guide HCPs have become confident in using Mepact, so much so that it is now considered the standard of care in the majority of centres. 

In addition to receiving praise from HCPs, Takeda UK was seen to be leading the way internally and the Mepact Practical Guide has been requested by a number of the European Takeda local operating companies with the intention of producing their own local, translated versions.

Judges’ comments

This was a clear and very trustworthy piece of writing that was straightforward and well explained. It also stood out in designs terms with a practical choice of typeface. It made very good use of its advisory group with a collaborative approach and will be very useful to clinicians.