The Star Award for the Rising Star in Healthcare Communications

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Ben Nunn

MHP Health

Summary of work

Any effective healthcare consultant should strive for excellence and innovation in client service and their own personal development, secure success for their consultancy’s ambitions, and maximise the reputation of the industry. These were the principles which guided Ben through 2013. At the start of the year he set himself three goals: to expand his consultancy’s knowledge, expertise and position in the market; to deliver results in healthcare that matter not just to his clients but to patients; and to become a respected consultant and ambassador for his industry. 

At the end of the year Ben had achieved these objectives and much more: making a significant contribution to the consultancy’s impressive financial and new business growth; delivering significant policy wins for clients and helping them to navigate a complex market environment; and being recognised as a commentator in his own right on the changing healthcare environment. If a rising star is someone who has achieved great things and has the potential to deliver more through their career, then there is no one more worthy of this year’s title.

Judges’ comments

Wow, Ben was great - he’s got a plan and a glint in his eye. He has a lovely style and tone about him and showed very rounded, and purposeful, thinking, with achievements to date that are seriously impressive. His efforts in Alzheimer’s disease were well considered, well executed and extremely timely – all of which are key components of any successful initiative.

Highly Commended

Andrew Wilkinson


Laura Starr


Lucy Hudson


Laura Newmark