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What every parent needs to know about flu

by Red Door Unlimited for AstraZeneca

Summary of work

What every parent needs to know about flu is a documentary film that follows paediatrician and TV presenter Dr Ranj Singh on his quest to find out if people are taking up the UK’s flu immunisation programme for children – and if not, why not?

In an average flu season in England, the virus affects about 937,000 0-14 year olds (taken from the National Office of Statistics 2011 Census and Paget et al. 2010). Children are also the main spreaders of flu.

The film formed the centrepiece for a seasonal vaccination campaign - Share Good Times Not Flu - to drive uptake of vaccination through increasing parent awareness of flu and the importance of vaccination in children.

The film takes the audience on an emotional, narrative journey as Dr Ranj visits his local community, trying to improve health outcomes for patients and families. On the way he interviews a parent whose children have experienced flu; anxious parents undecided about whether or not to vaccinate their children; virologist Prof John Oxford to explain the science; and Prof David Salisbury who was responsible for implementing the vaccination programme.

The film has achieved 274,521 views on YouTube, with more than 5,250 shares/engagements. The accompanying media campaign with the film at its heart secured 54 pieces of coverage.

Judges’ comments

A professionally produced and well-shot piece of work that made effective use of a celebrity doctor. Its introduction of the ‘herd immunity’ concept was timely, its messages clearly made through relevant interviews and it was well viewed. The film very effectively drove conversations about the subject and exceeded its target objectives