The Porter Novelli Award for Excellence in Digital Communications – Consumer Health

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Rosacea uncovered

by Golin Health for Omega Pharma

Summary of work

Rosacea Uncovered, a one-stop online authority on rosacea, was created by Golin Health in reaction to the condition constantly being relegated to the beauty pages of magazines. Developed in conjunction with Dermalex Rosacea, we wanted people with the condition to know that it’s not simply a case of masking the symptoms with heavy cosmetics, but about seeking a genuine diagnosis and treatment.

The reality of the situation is stark for people with rosacea – while it is believed to be as common as eczema in the UK (affecting up to 1 in 10), only 1 in 600 ever receive a formal diagnosis and treatment. Our online search analysis revealed that there was a huge volume of symptom-based search, but very few resources in the UK addressing this need.

We set out to create a beautifully executed, content rich resource that was designed to answer the questions that diagnosed and undiagnosed patients were desperately searching for online. Using a range of online and offline campaign drivers we also increased the visibility of the site to ensure visitors were able to benefit from this new, high value content.

Through an integrated on and offline campaign, our results surpassed all expectations, including delivering nearly four times the anticipated volume of media coverage. Our campaign helped push Dermalex Rosacea into the number three spot in the market place and become the only driver of growth in the dry skin category.

Judges’ comments

By going back to basics this programme delivered spectacular results, with use of SEO to get insight proving to be a great starting point. It delivered strong press coverage and increased market share by 2.5% - a good lift for any product, but particularly for one in this space.