The Say Communications Award for Excellence in Product/Brand Communications

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Managing IBS Better Together

by Pegasus for Buscopan IBS Relief

Summary of work

We were appointed to deliver an insight-driven and innovative campaign to help increase Buscopan’s brand affinity and engagement with IBS sufferers. At the heart of the programme was a mission to help genuinely improve the lives of those with IBS by empowering them to better manage their condition. This sense of ‘purpose’ was central to all planning and ensured an integrated approach that built stronger and more meaningful connections with the IBS community, as well as demonstrating how Buscopan leads the way in supporting sufferers. Robust measurement and evaluation was integral to the campaign's success, allowing us to demonstrate meaningful impact as well as learn and improve our programme as it evolved. In addition, a focus group of sufferers was recruited and consulted regularly to shape materials, gain anecdotal feedback and ensure the programme resonated and made a genuine difference to the lives of sufferers.

An intelligent, integrated and impactful campaign, the results have been phenomenal, outperforming expectations to help evolve brand perceptions, increase advocacy and contributing towards +15% YTD market sales growth. Furthermore, the campaign has genuinely helped improve the lives of people with IBS by empowering them to better manage their condition. 

Judges’ comments

Managing IBS Better Together tackles a difficult issue with care and is very impressive in establishing its baseline. It is a solid and encouraging campaign with valiant attempts at creating a community of those affected by IBS.