Communiqué Medical Education Consultancy of the Year

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Virgo Health Medical Education

Summary of work

In 2014, Virgo Health Education celebrated its landmark fifth birthday and we deliberately set out on a pioneering next phase. We identified a real need to move away from the traditional didactic methods of education to one that more closely reflected real-world medical training, where the HCP can direct and manage his or her own learning. We therefore built a new proposition that was fundamentally about Being Human.

We established a global presence with a New York hub and built an expert team that embraced our core values. Our drive and determination to keep moving forward produced impressive results. Through adding value to our clients, we successfully expanded smaller accounts into large, integrated medical education programmes, while continuing to grow other existing business. Our new proposition and expanded presence in the UK and US health education offices achieved 17% and 800% YOY growth respectively, meaning that medical education-related projects represented >40% of Virgo’s total revenues. Most importantly, our team remains our biggest asset. Not only did we achieve a staff retention rate of 80%, the team now comprises >40 specialists across global hubs, strengthening our medical, editorial, creative and client service expertise to deliver exceptional work for our clients. 

Judges’ comments

Virgo Medical Education should be very proud of what they do. They’re challenging the medical education status quo with their use of ‘ethical creativity’ and in doing so they’ve shown commendable growth and innovative work.