Excellence in Communications via Meetings

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The Arena Academy

by Lucid Partners for AbbVie

Summary of work

Arena for Immunology is a cross-therapy nurse education programme, sponsored by AbbVie, which seeks to advance clinical practice in the management of patients with immune-mediated inflammatory diseases (IMIDs) in dermatology, gastroenterology and rheumatology.

The Steering Committee identified digital communication and the use of social media in healthcare as key areas to drive change based on the:

  • Need to optimise monitoring of long-term chronic diseases
  • Benefit, for both patients and the NHS, of providing different consultation options
  • Value of social media for awareness, education, and communication in healthcare.

In conjunction with AbbVie, the nurse SC created an exciting cross-indication plenary session to inspire nurses to consider digital methods of communication, and social media in their clinical practice. Through embracing these options and adapting our practice to respond to patients’ needs, we have the potential to enhance patient engagement and revolutionise healthcare.

A survey of over 150 nurses asked if “as a result of attending the Arena 2015 and/or 2016 meetings, you have made changes in your practice relating to the following topics”:

The survey showed that 52% of nurses had

  • Implemented social media in their practice or professional capacity
  • and/or
  • Implemented digital methods of communication with patients.

Judges’ comments

The Arena Academy was an incredibly insightful and very well put together entry. The work tapped into the relevancy of empowering nurses to generate real change and the team behind it clearly articulated what they achieved - showing impressive outcomes.