The Porterhouse Medical Award for Excellence in Professional Education Programmes

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Establishing Specialist Care for Patients with Hidradenitis Suppurativa Worldwide

by Lucid Group for AbbVie

Summary of work

Hidradenitis suppurativa (HS) is debilitating, and has a profound impact on quality of life resulting from painful, foul-smelling and deforming skin lesions. Despite this, HS is under-diagnosed and under-treated due to limited availability of specialist care. With new biologic treatment options, standards of care can improve but there is a lack of expertise and confidence in optimally managing HS.

EIDON was established to increase the number of specialist centres and the number of dermatologists delivering specialist-level care worldwide. Built on the latest academic-thinking in behaviour change, EIDON defined ‘specialist’ behaviours, mapped clinical barriers-to-change and worked with global leaders in advancing quality of care to develop practical, ‘in-clinic’ training. A flexible approach ensured delegates attended clinics with compatible models of care and a tailored agenda addressing delegates’ specific barriers to change.

Impact on patient care has been outstanding! Of 62 delegates (22 countries), 26 are establishing specialist centres and quality of care has been advanced in ~600 patients per month. EIDON’s unique format is a powerful influence on clinical practice creating unsurpassed levels of engagement and behaviour change. A global increase in access to specialist care has been achieved that will undoubtedly improve the lives of many with this debilitating condition.

Judges’ comments

This was a programme with a great focus on  demonstrable behaviour change. The team clearly set out their goals and then achieved them through tactics closely aligned with their strategy and objectives, in the process producing a robust educational programme with a personal feel.