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Sanofi UK Patient Charter – Shaping Communications Around the Needs of Our Stakeholders

by Four Health for Sanofi UK

Summary of work

Sanofi is a global pharmaceutical company that strives to ensure the patient voice sits at the heart of everything it does. Following a voluntary admission to the PMCPA regarding the company’s conduct and disclosure of interactions with patient organisations, Sanofi UK committed to improving its communications and engagement with patient organisations by fostering a collaborative and positive basis for working.

To demonstrate this commitment from the get-go, Sanofi took the decision to involve patient organisations in shaping its external communications by seeking direct feedback and incorporating this in the development of a ‘Patient Charter’. The Charter outlines what patient organisations should expect, emphasising principles of transparency, clear communication and the importance of patient needs.

By ensuring strong engagement with patient organisations at every stage of development, the Patient Charter has strengthened relationships, opened up new opportunities for partnerships and established a new standard for best practice in communications and engagement between patient organisations and industry.

Furthermore, internal understanding on the importance of meaningful, long-term relationships with patient organisations has increased, and a broader patient advocacy programme is being undertaken in 2018 to deliver on the commitments made.

Four supported the drafting of the Patient Charter.

Judges’ comments

The judges praised the charter and the programme's low-budget and great testimonials. It was a simple idea with good potential long term benefits. They look forward to seeing how it develops Sanofi’s corporate reputation in the future.