My Journey: Flight HIV101

by 90TEN for Gilead

Summary of work

My Journey is a website aimed at empowering gay men living with HIV to make the right choices in the present that will improve their chances of a healthy life in the future. This is especially important as HIV and its treatment can speed up the ageing process.

The editorial reframed the ageing narrative into a broader package about improving future health, wealth and happiness. It took a lifestyle rather than ‘life-support’ approach to engage with the reader. Content on health, ageing, wealth, sex and relationships was included written in the tone of magazine editorial.

Creative writing was used to capture the interest of the audience in a positive and fun way. It harnessed gay men’s passion for travel by using the analogy of flying (Flight HIV101) to empower people to be the pilot of their own journey and to prepare for their own ‘long-haul flight’ by speaking to their doctor.

Average time spent per session on the website far exceeded benchmarks for similar pieces of content, with over 7,000 people on the site showing intent to improve long-term health through interacting with the website’s Health MOT (representing 18% of the target population).

Judges’ comments

90TEN and Gilead’s submission was a very strong and well-thought out campaign, demonstrating a real understanding of how social media works for the target audience. The use of humour was bold and attention-grabbing, and the campaign was well integrated and led to some impressive outputs.