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SOOLANTRA®: Time to Surface

by Havas Life Medicom for Galderma

Summary of work

New research shows the hidden impact of rosacea is much greater than previously thought. This led us to discover a key human truth that we used to underpin our campaign – the gap between how people see themselves when they have visible signs and when they are clear. They feel differently, behave differently, and that means reaching clear helps people rediscover their true self.

The new SOOLANTRA® campaign set out to create a visually impactful, multidimensional story, focused on our key patient insight that was adaptable to a multichannel approach and differentiated the brand as the first choice topical treatment in rosacea – underpinning the emotional drivers of the creative campaign was new data and evidence. Dermatologists have traditionally considered the impact of rosacea to be less significant compared to other skin diseases such as psoriasis. However, one third of rosacea patients have a DLQI score >10, which in psoriasis is considered severe and used to measure eligibility for biologics.

The 'Time to Surface' campaign, delivering both emotional and rational calls to action, has been shown in market research to be highly memorable and to create a strong call to action that will help more people with rosacea rediscover their true self.

Judges’ comments

The Galderma and Havas Life Medicom project is a creative way to show the impact of rosacea, and tested well with target audience. It is a lovely campaign, with clever thinking and a strong creative theme.