Innovation in Healthcare Communications

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by Burson Cohn & Wolfe for Pfizer

Summary of work

Capturing the attention of adolescents is difficult at the best of times. Add health advice, the words meningococcal meningitis and the highly regulated pharmaceutical sector – and the challenge is even greater.

This was the task facing meningococcal meningitis vaccine-maker Pfizer, needing to educate 15-24-year olds – the second highest at-risk group in the UK – to act in protecting themselves against the disease which can prove fatal within 24 hours.

Original research revealed adolescents would listen and act on health advice when it was delivered via social channels or by their favourite vloggers and bloggers. But how to successfully deliver an influencer-led communication campaign while adhering to the industry’s strict code of practice? The answer was #24YouHaveThePower.

Using a unique proprietary tool, we pinpointed the influencers most effective at engaging and motivating adolescents and their parents to act. In a campaign first, the client boldly granted full creative licence to ten influencers, armed with just five meningitis facts to help create authentic content with no paid promotion. Significantly, the vast array of authentic content achieved resulted in positive brand engagement, which a pharmaceutical company would find unachievable on its own.

The strategy paid off. #24YouHaveThePower smashed every success metric set.

Judges’ comments

#24YouHaveThePower is a great collaboration with all the stakeholders, strong on insights and strategy. Innovation at the moment is about ‘authenticity’ and on that agenda, this campaign delivers. Results suggested that vaccines orders had positively influenced – the ultimate measure of success.