Communiqué Small Consultancy of the Year

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Frontera Group

Summary of work

A fabulous 2017 cemented our place as THE agency that ’speaks patient’. But, we still had a fundamental problem – we needed more BIG PHARMA.

An over dependency on small to medium pharma providing project-led work, meant that we needed to constantly win new business just to stand still. We needed clients with multiple big brands and collaborative, integrated teams focused on meeting the needs of patients. Clients who would invest more consistently in a partnership with a group focused on knowing patients best.

We targeted progressive teams in Big Pharma in the following ways:

- Our brand spanking new business development team secured eight big pitches of which we won six

- We delivered more major shop-window programmes, driving amazing feedback & word of mouth

- We repackaged our products to start training clients on how to better meet their patient-led ambitions

- We enhanced Thrive, investing even more in our talent management approach – to improve performance & a positive work experience for every member of staff.

The results:

- We exceeded growth targets and increased profitability

- We retained all clients and signed up four new top ten pharma clients

- We improved our staff retention & staff satisfaction ratin.g

The year was summed up, when one of our directors was stopped on the train home by a passenger from Big Pharma who recognised our logo on the back of her phone & asked “Aren’t you the patient people?”. That passenger is now a client.

Judges’ comments

Frontera’s core proposition, centred around patients, demonstrated solid strategic thinking that’s starting to deliver growth and results for the agency, and the judges look forward to hearing more from this agency in the future.