I Will Survive Brand Campaign Launch 2019

by Ovarian Cancer Action

Summary of work

Awareness of ovarian cancer and our charity is very low in the UK; 82% of women can’t name the four main symptoms of ovarian cancer. Only 46% of women diagnosed in the UK survive beyond five years. Research investment lags behind many other higher profile cancers – current survival rates are the same as breast cancer was in the 1970s. We set out to raise the profile of this disease amongst women in the UK and to highlight the injustice women with ovarian cancer face, creating a high impact integrated campaign focusing on the need to change survival odds for the next generation. The creative uses young girls showing their determination that ’they will survive’ to represent our vision that the next generation will survive. The call to action was the need to raise more funds for research – key messaging centred around ‘funding next generation research for next generation lives.’

This campaign was driven jointly by Ovarian Cancer Action and a terminally ill ovarian cancer patient, ex MD of a large London advertising agency. She helped create a virtual team of creative and production talent, who mostly worked pro bono to deliver something extraordinary for what is a small charity.

Judges’ comments

The I Will Survive campaign had solid results and sensible timing. The tactics were good, it was well written with great coverage.