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SLTC Summit: Conquering the Silent Killer

by Elements Communications Ltd for Gilead Sciences Ltd

Summary of work

Gilead Sciences recognised that the healthcare system was failing people with hepatitis C and challenged us to do something about it – to help redefine clinical practice and facilitate more people infected with hepatitis C being found, linked to care and treated.

We consulted a Steering Committee and, in 2017, the Screening and Linkage to Care (SLTC) Summit was born! An annual one-day multi-stakeholder, multichannel, action-orientated meeting bringing together ALL disciplines with a stake in hepatitis C care. Full of innovation, interaction and integration, the SLTC Summit programme is designed to be relevant, educational and inspirational for everyone. Momentum is continued through a meeting-in-a-box distributed to country affiliates following the event, leading to over 1,600 stakeholders from 46 countries directly experiencing an SLTC Summit meeting so far.

The SLTC Summit surpassed all expectations, with overwhelmingly positive engagement and endorsement from stakeholders. 96% of delegates agreed that the SLTC Summit provides practical information to improve their day-to-day practice. An upsurge in countries implementing National Hepatitis Plans since inception and €71m pledged for patient finding/access to care in Italy indicates that change is happening. Moreover, the SLTC Summit has cemented Gilead Sciences status as the partner of choice in hepatitis C elimination.

Judges’ comments

An extensive programme, comprising a very well-received global event, supplemented by national events to extend the educational reach. Feedback was very positive, culminating in a real commitment to improve practices moving forwards.