The UK Launch of Minimed 670g:

by Mearns & Pike for Medtronic

Summary of work

The Minimed 670G insulin pump marks a significant advance in the treatment of type 1 diabetes thanks to the ability of the pump to automatically adjust the basal (background) insulin given to an individual based on constant readings from an accompanying continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) device.

The national launch of the innovation provided an opportunity not only to raise awareness of the technology but fuel discussion around CGM and access to this essential tool in diabetes management among the T1D community.

Using traditional media as a spark to encourage debate on social channels, we ensured that 670G was the talk among the T1D community. With exclusive broadcast coverage across the BBC network and a well-timed story with the Press Association we generated a campaign that reached the masses and our target patient population in equal measure

Judges’ comments

This is a fine example of keeping a project simple yet effective. It had a clear media strategy, executed to perfection. The end result was really impressive with strong patient testimonials.