Follow My Lead

by Virgo Health for Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation

Summary of work

Imagine living with lung cancer. Now imagine being asked if you smoked. Do you deserve to die if you did? Every day lung cancer patients face remarks that hurt. Drawing on real-life patient experiences, we identified a universally relatable patient insight that people often feel nervous and uncomfortable when speaking to someone living with cancer. To help change people’s perception and behaviour towards lung cancer patients, we created a humorous but informative initiative to address the awkwardness, and support family and friends when talking to loved ones with lung cancer. Collaborating with a stand-up comedian might not be the obvious choice, but with doubled social engagement rates, an earned collaboration with TFL and a Sky News Twitter debate, the decision paid off and created the Foundation’s ‘best campaign yet.’

Judges’ comments

Follow My Lead had good creativity and was open and honest using patient insights in a clever way to execute it. It was simple but effective with a great use of humour. The judges liked their broad channel use, how it captured a wide audience and the insight feeding into the strategy.