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Beyond the Visible

by Havas Life Medicom for Galderma

Summary of work

The realisation that the burden of rosacea goes beyond the visible signs is only half the story, knowing who are the High Burden (HB) patients, what are their characteristics and how can HCPs easily identify them is the critical remaining piece. The High Burden patient represents about 1/3 of rosacea patients and is likely to require more attention and support. Without any guidance on how to better help this group of patients, this remained a significant unmet need. A follow-on study among 554 HCPs and 710 patients from six countries, set out to address this need. Through this survey a group of experts developed one single question to identify these patients and based on their responses gave guidance on treatment choices to improve patient outcomes. By setting out a synergistic strategy that leveraged ongoing HCP and patient engagement programmes, a stepwise approach to impact behavioural change was adopted. The first report set out to increase awareness of the burden of the disease and its cause. With this follow-on to the report, we gained guidance for HCPs to integrate a simple question into their consultations, and patients to feel empowered to address how their disease impacts them. Ultimately achieving a personalised treatment approach that aims to get rosacea patients to ‘clear’ (IGA 0) and relief of their burden.

Judges’ comments

The judges were impressed by the effectiveness of this campaign in changing the way that HCPs understand and communicate with this specific high-burden group of rosacea patients.