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RE-IGNITE Management of Metastatic Colorectal Cancer Across the Globe

by Langland for Merck

Summary of work

New  metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC) cases reached 1.85 million/year worldwide with 880,000 deaths. Despite clear benefits of anti-EGFRs in mCRC management, real-world data suggest that clinical recommendations are not consistently followed due to lack of confidence in implementing guidelines and identifying patients suitable for targeted therapy. The pandemic created additional pressures to optimal management of mCRC with clinic time and resources being redirect away from cancer care and towards COVID-19. Maintaining engagement and education of healthcare professionals around the world had never been more important to minimise the impact of the pandemic on patients with mCRC.

RE-IGNITE is a long-term programme designed to accelerate care in mCRC globally ensuring patients receive the most effective treatment possible. Responding swiftly to the challenges of COVID-19, RE-IGNITE embraced virtual approaches connecting healthcare professionals across the world leveraging best-practice principles of remote education before they had become best-practice, maximising both attendance and engagement. RE-IGNITE reached >11.5k delegates from 40+ countries. Over 70% believed that targeted agents had become the backbone of treatment in mCRC with 93% intending to advance their clinical practice following the event. RE-IGNITE is ongoing, driving country-specific conversation supporting optimal integration of therapy according to local clinical need and healthcare dynamics.

To date, the program has successfully generated and leveraged data through newly established channels and partnerships with engaged stakeholders. The program has already successfully influenced clinical practice and policy at global, country and clinic levels via novel insights and targeted, patient-focused solutions. Adherence is gaining the attention it has long needed, and real-world outcomes will improve as a result.

Judges’ comments

This well-written entry impressed the judges with how strongly they used metrics and the clarity on what they aimed to achieve. RE-IGNITE had good reach, with particularly effective engagement in China. It showed that an entry does not have to be complex to be successful! It was robust with a well-executed plan.