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Cardiovascular Health and Type 2 Diabetes: Reaching and Educating Doctors at Scale

by MedShr and Springer Healthcare IME for Novo Nordisk [independent educational grant provider]

Summary of work

When digital and online learning initiatives were first being introduced into healthcare, many thought it would transform our ability to deliver medical education. The belief was that we’d be able to deliver education to tens of thousands of doctors. However, somehow this vision never quite came to fruition. Even today it’s rare that digital-first education outperforms in-person education - either in terms of its scale or its impact on clinical practice.
With the clear objective of changing this, MedShr and Springer Healthcare IME launched an independent medical education programme targeting over 25,000 verified healthcare professionals (HCPs). The programme set out to demonstrably improve the understanding of clinical guidelines and their practical implications, at scale.
The programme utilised MedShr’s platform to deliver case-based education, developed together with Springer Healthcare IME, to a broad range of multidisciplinary HCPs. This practical, engaging content employed the principles of microlearning to maximise impact, with ensuing peer-to-peer discussion providing innovative learning opportunities.
At its heart, the “Cardiovascular Health and Type 2 Diabetes” education programme was an experiment to see whether by employing the most effective learning mediums, together with the most engaging formats, and the biggest HCP channels, our ambitions for digital can truly be realised.

To date, the program has successfully generated and leveraged data through newly established channels and partnerships with engaged stakeholders. The program has already successfully influenced clinical practice and policy at global, country and clinic levels via novel insights and targeted, patient-focused solutions. Adherence is gaining the attention it has long needed, and real-world outcomes will improve as a result.

Judges’ comments

This was a really cohesive entry. A programme with a specific educational message and ambitious target audience numbers it was good to see robust situational analysis that was pulled through into the objectives. They were very clear in what they wanted to achieve. The judges could clearly see the longevity of the programme