Communiqué Public Affairs And Policy Consultancy of the Year

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MHP Communications

Summary of work

When MHP set out their new Life/Changing proposition at the beginning of 2020, no one realised just how life changing a year it would be. In the face of the greatest health challenge in modern history and radical change to health system priorities, patient advocacy groups were experiencing a rapid loss of income and capacity, and the need to amplify the patient voice had never been more important.
How did MHP respond? They changed the way they worked and how they engaged. But more importantly, they changed lives.
MHP acted as a beacon for their clients navigating unprecedented challenges by providing advice and counsel, while continuing to develop campaigns that made policymakers care as much about a condition as the patient living with it does.
In a life/changing year, MHP has never been prouder of their team. Their rapid but considered approach to the challenges of the pandemic saw old clients retained, and new clients welcomed to the fold, including Mundipharma and the International Pharmaceutical Aerosol Consortium. It saw the team grow to 38, all working from home but having fun along the way. And ultimately it MHP surpass our revenue target, delivering an increase of 16% from 2019.

To date, the program has successfully generated and leveraged data through newly established channels and partnerships with engaged stakeholders. The program has already successfully influenced clinical practice and policy at global, country and clinic levels via novel insights and targeted, patient-focused solutions. Adherence is gaining the attention it has long needed, and real-world outcomes will improve as a result.

Judges’ comments

This was an impressive entry, with clear evidence of excellent work and outcomes delivered across a broad range of clients, with stellar feedback from them. MHP put lots of time and effort into their team over the course of a challenging year, which led to good retention and positive feedback from employees. A really strong performance in 2020 across the board - clients, team, advocacy and industry.