Highly Commended

Know it. Confront it. World Hepatitis Day

by Red Door Communications for World Hepatitis Alliance

Summary of work

Know It. Confront It. was this year’s campaign to raise awareness of World Hepatitis Day. Its central theme was based on the three wise monkeys proverb (see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil) to highlight that denial and ignorance of hepatitis is a global problem. 

Three soft toy monkey characters were created to become ambassadors for raising awareness of hepatitis, and became minor celebrities via an online campaign that included YouTube, an online gallery and Twitter. 

The YouTube film showed how three famous Hollywood films might have ended differently if the main characters (the toy monkeys) had ignored the potential dangers looming on the horizon. During August, the film was number 1 in the YouTube charts for Non-Profits and Activism videos – it gained 1.16 million views and directly led to 25,000 visits to the Alliance website. 

The toy monkeys, with T-shirts customised to country and local language, were also sent to patient groups around the world so photos of the travelling monkeys could be uploaded to an online monkey gallery. This achieved a Tweet reach of 13.4 million with 5 million page impressions. 

This was the most successful World Hepatitis Day yet with a 10% rise in public and member engagement.

Judges’ comments

A well-rounded, and strong, use of mobile technology that took a good idea and implemented it well, resulting in engagement around a tough subject through social media. This campaign demonstrated good use of media alteration and theme integration to engage the audience and create a call to action.