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Health and wellbeing at home

by Paradigm Communications

Summary of work

Health and Well-being at Home is a unique, ground-breaking public health initiative that delivers multi-format health education directly to the communities and homes of those most in need. 

The concept… 

…is unique The consultancies have partnered with bpha, a leading provider of social housing, to prove the benefits of social landlord-delivered public health campaigns that target their communities and tenants who are known to suffer greatest health inequalities and the poorest health. 

…is revolutionary Never before has a social housing provider partnered with the industry to deliver this education – being fully evaluated for health gain and reduced healthcare utilisation – to its tenants. 

…is achievable Social landlords have well-established channels for tenant communication, and are respected and trusted by them. 

…promises a better future By demonstrating the benefits of a public-private partnership between social housing providers and industry, we can radically alter the way some of the poorest in our society are empowered to improve their own – and their community’s – health and well-being. 

Health and Well-being at Home has successfully completed phase one. Given its pioneering nature, the rigour of approach and the significant achievements to date, we believe it is suitable for a submission to Communiqué.

Judges’ comments

We liked the innovative partnership approach to achieve outcomes. It’s early in the collaboration’s lifecycle, but we like what they’re trying to achieve. This is an initiative with huge potential to have a real impact and one to watch in the future.