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DERM Connect: Optimising the patient and healthcare professional dynamic in dermatology

by Lucid for AbbVie

Summary of work

Effective management of psoriasis is challenging for general dermatologists. Unlike the majority of their dermatology patients, psoriasis sufferers are living with a lifelong, chronic systemic disease with significant physical and psychological burden. At the core of optimal care is a collaborative relationship between the patient and the healthcare professional (HCP), supporting long‐term patient engagement in the definition of mutually agreed treatment goals and treatment decisions, improving patient acceptance of and adherence to appropriate therapy ultimately improving outcomes. A global patient survey and expert HCP insights demonstrated the clinical need to improve patient‐HCP interaction on a global scale moving beyond the transactional dynamic supporting a collaborative approach to psoriasis care.

DERM Connect is an expert‐led programme delivering communication skills, education and clinical tools to improve the patient‐HCP interaction. Its practical approach supports motivated HCPs in addressing their personal barriers by providing tailored communication skills and bespoke clinical tools. Utilising academic behaviour-change principles, DERM Connect has taken participants on a journey of change resulting in statistically significant improvements in their communication approach. The programme has improved the way 1380 HCPs from 25 countries communicate with their patients through credible, unbiased skills- training applicable to all aspects of clinical life.

Judges’ comments

This programme has real potential to make a difference to the lives of psoriasis sufferers. It’s a real eye opener and was an ambitious, well thought through example of a patient programme using a step-wise approach to drive change.