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‘The Sun Has Got His Hat On’ – Encouraging mums to enjoy the sun safely

by Cancer Research UK, in association with Beiersdorf UK

Summary of work

Skin cancer rates are rising rapidly in the UK, but this could largely be prevented by the adoption of protective behaviours. The Sun Has Got His Hat On campaign was the result of a partnership between a sunscreen manufacturer and health organisation, to encourage Mums (in the role as gatekeepers of the family’s health) to adopt sun safety measures and crucially protect themselves and their families in the UK as much as they would on a holiday abroad. The thermally activated campaign used a range of touch points to reach the audience at contextually relevant times and locations with a fun, non-preachy message. The campaign had a convincing impact on the audience with a 10 per cent rise in Mums reporting they always take as much care in the sun in the UK as when abroad following the campaign. There were also positive increases in numbers of Mums reporting protective behaviour such as covering up, spending time in the shade and using sunscreen – all key ways to reduce the risk of developing skin cancer in the future.

Judges’ comments

This was a well thought through campaign with impressive elements. The tactics fit the audience and it was well-executed with hard and fast measures. There is a massive public health need in this area and this programme achieved heightened consciousness of the need for skin care.