The Ogilvy Healthworld Award for Excellence in Corporate Communications

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Highly Commended

ADHD Experience Maze – inspiring empathy and building internal ambassadors in ADHD

by Just:: Health Communications for Shire

Summary of work

In ADHD, an area of low understanding and empathy, Shire embraced their brave values and developed an emotive, interactive experience to immerse internal stakeholders in the journey of a child with ADHD and build awareness of what it’s really like to live with the disorder. Using insights gathered from pan-European ethnographic research into the everyday lives of caregivers of children with ADHD, a series of rooms were constructed to form an experiential maze in the Shire headquarters. Each room of the maze was designed to help participants experience every stage of a child’s journey with ADHD, through the eyes of a caregiver. Throughout the course of European ADHD Awareness Week, Shire colleagues were invited to explore the maze and experience the same challenges and emotions faced by people with ADHD. After taking the journey, they emerged into a large classroom in the middle of the maze, where on one day a ‘Real Perspectives’ lunch and learn session was held with a multidisciplinary expert panel to provide a complete picture of the realities of ADHD. The maze was attended by more than 220 visitors (85% of employees onsite) and 100% of participants stated they had an increased understanding of the disorder.

Judges’ comments

This was an ambitious and brave internal event. It is challenging to get corporate communications to be bold and memorable, but this stood out in terms of creativity - it is storytelling at its best.