The Pegasus Award for In-House Team of the Year

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Summary of work

On 2 January 2013, AbbVie was launched as an independent, global, research-based biopharmaceutical company following separation from Abbott. With a clear collective vision of transforming peoples’ lives and making a remarkable impact on patients, AbbVie UK communications seized on this in setting a ’true North’ for the UK business. 

As a new biopharmaceutical company in the 21st century, we had the opportunity to commit to a fundamentally different approach to addressing the healthcare challenges in today’s society. A new narrative was required to help shape the healthcare debate, establish ourselves as a trustworthy partner and, above all, demonstrate our absolute commitment to improving the lives of people living with illness. 

Outside of AbbVie, 2013 was a fast-moving and challenging year: the restructured NHS came under increasing financial pressure, serving an ageing population living with multiple health conditions; and there was continued distrust and cynicism around the role of pharma. A new business model was urgently required. We needed to articulate and demonstrate “Why AbbVie?” to develop meaningful relationships and build a corporate profile that went beyond brand awareness to create a new space in a competitive market. This is how we did it.

Judges’ comments

During a really big launch the AbbVie team just got on with it and achieved a huge amount. They showed great external engagement and just went out there and made a different, succeeding in terms of elevating patient care – they are really walking the talk.