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Duac Spot Challenge

by The Hive Group for GlaxoSmithKline

Summary of work

Spots. Are they really such a big deal? They come and go, and treating them is pretty simple. Who needs guidelines, right?

Wrong. But convincing dermatologists that they might not be treating according to European standards is tricky. For Duac, we harnessed their competitive spirit by challenging them to treat virtual acne patients according to European Guidelines, and correcting their mistakes.

As a result, over 500 dermatologists requested a copy of the guidelines from Steifel, having tried the challenge and discovered they do need them after all!

Judges’ comments

This was the best use of metrics across any of the visual campaigns we saw and it was brought together with beautiful execution and an innovative twist on case studies. They made excellent use of the media game to engage and challenge the mind-set of dermatologists and the outcomes were fantastic.