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Arzerra delivers

by Ogilvy Healthworld for GSK

Summary of work

Operating as a global brand and managing it from a central office is strategically beneficial but it poses challenges. With teams split by geographical location — global and local teams operating in key hubs and small localised teams working at a grass roots level – there is a risk of fostering a sense of isolation among the workforce that damages morale. It can also lead to inconsistent messaging and individual campaigns that weaken the brand.

Our client, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Oncology was preparing for staggered launches of Arzerra in first-line chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) in markets around the world. They asked us to help them create a single and united team spirit that would make teams feel part of a single group, facilitate communications up, down and across the hierarchy, sustain momentum between launches and help everyone achieve their targets.

Our solution was to create a campaign that — in addition to the expected pre-launch communications and meetings — included virtual and tactile solutions to unite and revive their sense of belonging as one team and to invite them to get on board with a shared goal: an effective launch.

Judges’ comments

A strong creative idea based around emotional connection. Its creativity stood out and secured effective buy-in from colleagues. The campaign is engaging, practical and most importantly took people on a journey.