Excellence in Corporate Communications – Internal Stakeholders

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Return to Growth week

by AstraZeneca

Summary of work

“Nothing short of inspirational”, “An amazing experience”, “Powerful”, “Inspiring”, “Awesome and engaging”, “Makes me PROUD!”

Powerful and emotive feedback like this doesn’t come easily. It has to be earned. And sometimes it takes an ambitious, dedicated, risk-taking team to pull it off - like AstraZeneca’s Global Internal Communications team. The challenge was to build a deeper level of understanding and belief in the company strategy. The key word was BELIEF - how do we make our 51,000 people believe we’re on the right track? We knew we had to go further than before, do something completely different. So we decided to make a movie! Well, not just a movie, an experience - a worldwide digital communications and engagement experience based around a movie. Five days of high quality, targeted digital communications focused on our five growth platforms, culminating in a 20-minute Hollywood-inspired, YouTube-style movie. The result, one of the most ambitious, talked-about and impactful internal campaigns in our history - a triumph for healthcare communication:

  • 96% understanding and 95% belief in our growth strategy 
  • 38,000 electronic newsletter hits 
  • 12,500 movie views 
  • 100 supporting activities arranged locally 
  • Overwhelmingly positive feedback 
  • 3 team members/ £82,000 budget 

Judges’ comments

This is a determined, clear and simple campaign that focused on belief, supported by strong basic tactics and impressive outcomes. It was engaging with strong metrics and evaluation.