The Porter Novelli Award for Excellence in Digital Communications – Prescription Products/Patient Health

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Shire iAdopt – pre-call planning tool

by Makara Health Communications for Shire International GmbH

Summary of work

Changing beliefs in a competitive market environment is a challenge for many a sales representative and introducing a new mode of action drug to a market so established in one treatment regimen required a sophisticated communication support tool for local representatives.

In response to an identified International business need to gain greater trial and adoption of the new brand and requests from the country sales representatives for call handling to create faster behaviour change, Makara Health created Shire iAdopt, a pre-call planning tool developed by International Marketing to assist local country sales representatives in the field plan their sales calls more effectively. iAdopt was developed with multi-brand roll-out in mind and has already been adopted by a second brand, as well as being showcased as best practice across all Shire brands. Utilising the psychology of belief and behaviour change aligned to market insights provided a strong base for the development of Shire iAdopt, a tool which has been embraced by the markets, is in use by local representatives in multiple countries and is sustained with dynamic feedback for constant development.

The sales person with the greatest flexibility will be more successful in offering options for a healthcare professional (HCP) to consider when changing his or her beliefs and resulting behaviours. Effective pre-call planning with Shire iAdopt achieves this goal.

Judges’ comments

This was a great looking tool that employs segmentation well and made pragmatic use of available tools. It gives power to the rep and is a real-world solution. The ‘belief’ element of what you want customers to do is so often missed and this gets it just right – we liked this so much we wanted to see it used more widely.