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ADHD Educational Institute (ADHD-Institute.com)

by Complete Medical Communications for Shire

Summary of work

The ADHD-Institute.com is the only cutting edge, up to date, educational portal dedicated to HCPs outside  the US, imparting the latest scientific understanding of ADHD, approaches for timely diagnosis and current treatment options.

To ensure that the content of the ADHD-Institute stays up to date and relevant, we recognised the need to support busy HCPs working in ADHD in addressing the complex and multifactorial nature of the condition. With multiple treatment options advocated by clinical guidelines in specific settings, developing a patient-centric management plan tailored to individual needs and goals is crucial, yet challenging.
The ADHD-Institute e-Learning module ‘Treatment of child, adolescent and adult ADHD’ was developed in response to this need.

This 45-minute, interactive learning experience succinctly summarises recommendations from the latest Global/European clinical guidelines in ADHD, discusses approaches to developing individualised management plans and reviews the latest non-pharmacological and pharmacological treatment options.

Delivering high-educational value with a positive user experience were top priorities in engaging HCPs, with high-quality writing key to meeting the challenge of presenting accurate, clear and balanced treatment information.

Judges’ comments

Clearly written, ambitious and optimised for digital formats, this was a very comprehensive and solid piece of work. It was very focused and really clearly written and we felt it would be perfect for a very busy doctor to view it. In a crowded market this one was something special.