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The HCV Patient Pathway Experience

by TVF Communications for AbbVie

Summary of work

With a strong portfolio of HCV products, AbbVie identified a need for an internal learning initiative, able to keep up with the fast-paced therapy-area environment. This led to the development of the HCV Patient Pathway e-Learning programme - an innovative, engaging and blended approach to training, suitable for multiple internal stakeholders.

Content is delivered via Patient Pathways, as opposed to a traditional learning flow, thus providing users with a more realistic education of the treatment landscape. Learners are guided through content by two fictional characters, Stuart and Tom, who both face various experiences typical of a real-life HCV patient. Users are introduced to the characters pre-illness, and follow their lives through first signs and symptoms of HCV, initial consultations, referral to secondary care and diagnosis, and subsequent treatment options - with a focus on all available treatments and the issues faced in receiving them.

Accurate and eloquent yet emotive medical writing was adopted to adequately communicate the various topics covered; from in-depth scientific understanding of the disease and products, to comprehension of the complex therapy environment and subsequent patient impact. Challenges such as the lack of concrete NICE guidelines and patient stigma were at the forefront of our minds throughout development of the programme; hence the fictional characters presented realistic pathways and issues that current-day patients are facing.

Judges’ comments

This took a creative approach to communicating educational material, bravely challenging stereotypes. The team behind it pitched the writing at an appropriate level for the target audience and styled it with a good amount of detail and interactivity.