Young Achiever in Healthcare Communications

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Highly Commended

Ross Taylor

Red Door Unlimited & Search Unlimited

Summary of work

Since joining Red Door Unlimited three years ago, I have demonstrated my passion for knowledge, seeking opportunities to expand my knowledge and skills, to benefit my clients, colleagues and ultimately patients. I have sought to develop continually and learnt web development and coding which in turn sparked an interest in search optimisation. In 2015, Search Unlimited launched as the first specialist healthcare Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) agency, joining the Health Unlimited group of agencies.

Recognising that healthcare communications and SEO have a shared goal, to help people find information and help them make better, more informed decisions - I spotted an opportunity. I presented a business case to company bosses at both Red Door Unlimited and Search Unlimited and created a role that bridged the content development expertise and technical SEO skills of the sister agencies.

In this unique role, I spend my time coaching members of both teams to upskill them in the techniques and requirements of each agency’s work. I am excited to be at the forefront of what I believe is the future of healthcare communications ensuring people have access to quality health information from the first step of their journey to the last.

Judges’ comments

Ross has a lovely personality and must be great in client meetings. He has clarity, credibility, calmness and confidence. He’s clearly had a real impact within his agency and would be a very credible person to explain technical challenges. Ross has found a sweet-spot for himself - that of a technical expert making a difference - and has done so through a lovely balance of confidence and humility.

Highly commended

Ross Taylor


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Beth Timm