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Cambridge Rare Disease Network (CRDN) 2017 Summit

by Havas Life Medicom for Cambridge Rare Disease Network

Summary of work

What if? What if we were able to share information with the power to revolutionise the current rare disease landscape? What if we could provide solutions to patients now, answering their pressing questions about their disease and treatment? What if we had the knowledge to prevent misdiagnosis and help eliminate fear of the unknown? Rare disease patients and their families are tired of waiting for answers.

With the current gaps in rare disease knowledge, the Cambridge Rare Disease Network (CRDN) believes now is the time to connect the dots and generate ideas leading to possible solutions. Setting out to make a transformational contribution to the rare disease community, the CRDN successfully hosted a pivotal 2017 summit meeting. This milestone educational event aspired to drive collaboration and innovation, and, ultimately, redefine the journey travelled by patients with rare diseases, by empowering connectivity among a small group of rare disease experts.

Over 200 delegates attended, with more than 20 new working collaborations created and consolidated, and 100% of delegates saying they would recommend the summit to others. The meeting proved that with the right mix of minds and the right stimuli, the outcome can be inspired thinking.

Judges’ comments

Havas Life Medicom and Cambridge Rare Disease Network delivered a lot on a tight budget, which was particularly impressive. It was fantastic that new working collaborations were formed from the meeting.