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Speed Donating

by Havas Lynx for Teva

Summary of work

Today, technology is state-of-the-art, transplant surgeons are masters at their craft and medicines are better than ever; yet, 16 people across Europe continue to die every day, waiting for a life-saving transplant.

Speed Donating is a hard-hitting public health campaign aimed at tackling the biggest unmet need in transplantation – the lack of organs.

At its heart – nine real-life stories and personal pleas, told openly and honestly by those whose lives have been shaped by organ donation; making Europe sit up, take notice and, most importantly, take action.

Using a familiar social situation, we captured the public’s attention; juxtaposing the humorous attempts of speed daters to find their perfect match with the real need of a man whose life depends on finding his – a film so impactful that people couldn’t help but sign up.

We made signing up easier – creating a hub from which the right place to register can be accessed in a click. And we built a social movement of ‘Super Donors’ to spread the word and champion the cause.

No KPI matters more than someone’s life – through driving sign-ups, in the UK alone, Speed Donating can potentially save or improve the lives of over 60,000.2

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Judges’ comments

Speed donating was creative, with a strong idea and excellent execution. The judges liked the use of real life stories and the stats for the campaign were very strong, with clearly outlined challenges. It was fantastic how they used the concept. Will be great to see how the campaign develops.