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Clinical Advances in Treating Obesity as a Chronic Disease: Novel Insights and Strategies

by Medscape for Novo Nordisk (Global)

Summary of work

The Need: to address the significant lack of understanding about the causes of obesity amongst primary care and other non-specialist physicians managing people living with obesity, in order to deliver improvements in their management. The Solution: to deliver a multiprogramme curriculum addressing both the causes of obesity and providing expert- led and case-focused guidance in how to manage patients with this condition more effectively in the long term. This initiative was executed in partnership with World Obesity Federation (WOF) and the World Organization of Family Doctors (WONCA), and led by a Steering Committee of global experts. Programmes were hosted on a single destination page and on the education provider’s Diabetes and Family Medicine page and promoted to all target audiences through the education provider’s site for optimum audience reach. Translated content increased global accessibility. The Outcome: a powerful and effective curriculum delivering significant improvements for programmes in each indication, and overall, in participant’s knowledge, competence and confidence. This curriculum is a CPD-accredited Independent Medical Education initiative supported by an independent grant from the grantor. In line with compliance rules for IME, no briefing was given by the supporter. No testimonial can therefore be provided but the name of the contact person is provided.

Judges’ comments

This campaign from Medscape for Novo Nordisk was a robust professional education programme. Strong insights and research informed the development of educational content, which was delivered with a great reach to HCPs. This campaign demonstrated that it resulted in behaviour change in clinical practice.