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Vitamin D Education for GPs in the UK

by Pegasus for Thornton & Ross

Summary of work

Despite a knowledge of the high prevalence of vitamin D deficiency and inefficiency in the UK general population, prescribing vitamin D supplements is still being limited to patients in at-risk population groups, who present with symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency. This presents a risk to those where the consequences are extreme, including pregnant woman and children under one where deficiency or inefficiency has been present in pregnancy.

Through research and establishing a GP working group, Thornton & Ross identified that education was a key way to change practice. To make it accessible for a wide audience, working in a time-pressured environment, we developed an e-module, working with MIMS Learning. The e-module, accredited by MIMS, was supported by a toolkit of printed materials, which was supplied to GPs.

The results achieved during the three-month period exceeded expectations for all stakeholders, including MIMS Learning, who suggested it was one of its most successful modules to date.

  • 2,732 people viewed the module webpage and there were 737 completions of the online module
  • 98.94% respondents either agreed or strongly agreed that they’d recommend the module
  • 96.74% respondents agreed or strongly agreed the module will lead them to plan changes to their practice.

Judges’ comments

This clear, concise entry by Pegasus and Thornton & Ross showed strong results within a neat programme. They achieved a lot in a short space of time and went the extra mile not only relying on existing data, but carrying out their own research to gain a good insight.