Innovation in Healthcare Communications

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Revolutionizing Medical Engagement for a More Sustainable Future: The Halls of Science and Innovation

by Complete HealthVizion for Novartis

Summary of work

The COVID-19 pandemic was a trigger for vital disruptive innovation. We seized the opportunity to revolutionise medical engagement in response, raising the bar for congress experiences and providing firm foundations for a more sustainable future for our sector.

Leveraging the huge growth in the use of the metaverse, we designed the Halls of Science and Innovation, a 3D immersive experience allowing HCPs to enter a virtual Novartis building brimming with compelling medical education about cardiovascular disease – still the leading cause of death globally.

’The Halls’ is a real-world congress experience, virtually – supercharging ‘booth’ presence at over 15 congresses reaching 8,200 unique users since September 2020 with the latest digital technologies. The dramatic backdrop and rich, interactive content draws visitors in and educates them in the most engaging way, eliciting insights and conveying critical data vital to understand when making positive treatment decisions.

Accessible as a 3D and 2D experience, ‘The Halls’ ensures maximum audience engagement across all devices, and is accessible at the perfect time for every individual.

We have created a solution that democratises medical content, and supports a more sustainable tomorrow.

Judges’ comments

The judges really liked the attention to detail that had gone into developing a congress experience that wasn’t simply a sterile virtual environment. Hearing the background buzz of the congress as you interacted with the environment helped bring in elements of what it is like to be somewhere in real life. This resulted in high levels of engagement and significant dwell times. The fact that this helped to achieve a sustainable way of people accessing a congress without leaving their country was laudable and it is great to see that the concept will have longevity as it is rolled out in different disease areas.