The 90TEN Award for Communications Consultancy of the Year

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Summary of work

Against a backdrop of the global pandemic, BCW’s Healthcare business sought out meaningful and culturally relevant campaigns that fought stigma, shaped headlines, built corporate trust and reputation, and directly supported vulnerable populations by tackling health inequalities. We exceeded all expectations, achieving an incredible 33% growth in 2021.

We won six new client assignments, giving team members the opportunity to do the purpose-focused work that was so important to them. We invested in new innovations to help move people, with the launch of our behavioural change specialism, and onboarded 15 new team members with rich and diverse experience and expertise. All the while, maintaining  an inclusive and growth-oriented culture, where 82% of the team feel emotionally supported at work.

Throughout the year, almost half our employees were recognised for their growth and contribution with promotions, and leadership intentionally prioritised collaboration and connection through regular touch points where the team came together to socialise, share, problem-solve and recognise success.

At BCW, moving people is our purpose and our promise. In 2021, we successfully moved our people, our clients, communities and society, meaningfully contributing to a healthier future for us all.

Judges’ comments

The judges liked the BCW team, who came across well, with a very good presentation. It was clear that this is a business that has really delivered, particularly with the enormous work for AZ. Really good answers to all the questions the judges asked. The judges also liked the focus on securing specific types of work in the context of what motivates people, good response to the bigger issue of turnover and in line with their vision. A strong team.

Highly commended

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