The LionsDen Award for Writing Excellence - Healthcare Professionals

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Highlighting the Cancer Capacity Challenge

by Roche Products

Summary of work

Demand for chemotherapy is increasing. There is no sign that this will change in the next 20 years, as the number of new cases of cancer is expected to rise by 45% between 2007 and 2030. 

Authored by an experienced journalist, incorporating robust desk research, market research among frontline staff responsible for delivering chemotherapy services and wider clinical opinion, the Cancer Capacity Challenge report highlighted the growing burden that cancer services are facing, to draw attention to the need to consider innovative treatments in order to successfully manage future capacity challenges. 

Launched directly to healthcare professionals at a key conference, the report was credible enough to warrant a stand-alone symposium. Media coverage to support the launch reached an audience of at least 60 million. More broadly, over 20 meetings with MPs have been held to discuss the report, raising the issue up the political agenda, and internally Healthcare Development Managers are being trained using the report, so they can have conversations with key NHS decision makers about the issue. 

Furthermore, the subsequent launch campaign for Herceptin subcut saw messaging about the role the innovative new treatment could play in easing the chemotherapy burden in nearly two thirds of coverage.

Judges’ comments

This was very well written and produced in a particularly readable style with a high level of background. Its detail was well signposted, drawing the reader through the story in a very effective manner.